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Micrometeoroid Impact, Damage and Shielding Activity – The Open University

The Open University run a curricular activity on the impact, damage and shielding of micrometeoroids using a remotely operated optical microscope.

The Damage Equations are used to...

Curriculum and Content Program development
Lunar Rover - The University of Surrey

The University of Surrey ‘Electronics and Amateur Radio Society’ (EARS) sent a team to compete in the UKSEDS Lunar Rover competition to design and build a rover to achieve an objective set by the...

Classroom practice and Student Engagement Payloads
Water Rockets - Bristol University

Based on a suggestion by Kingston University London, who run this as a curricular competition, Bristol SEDS ran a water rocket competition in October 2017 with the aim to have multiple teams...

Classroom practice and Student Engagement Rocket Propulsion
Space Missions Currently in Development/Operation Research Activity – UCL

University College London have run a curricular 2-week research project into space missions that are currently in development/operation for their MSc Space Science and Engineering students. The...

Curriculum and Content Program development
Extra-Curricular CanSat competition in 3 weeks - Bristol University

The University of Bristol have run an extra-curricular competition to design a satellite in a sodacan, or “CanSat” using a predesigned kit over a few weeks. 5 groups of 5 students entered,...

Classroom practice and Student Engagement Program development
Astrodynamics Mission Simulation – University of Leicester

The University of Leicester have run an Astrodynamics Mission Simulation 10-credit module over 8 weeks (2 full afternoon computer lab sessions per week) using NASA’s General Mission Analysis Tool...

Blended learning Orbits and Trajectories
Introduction to Satellite Applications Workshop – Space for Smarter Government Programme, UK Space Agency

The Space for Smarter Government Programme have run an Introduction to Satellite Applications Workshop for groups ranging from 17 to 30 public sector...

Blended learning Earth Observation
GEOSS/HACK Space Hackathon – European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) have run a Space Hackathon in partnership with the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). 30 participants split into 6 teams had 30 hours to create an open-source...

Blended learning Earth Observation
Mission to Mars

This is a case study at The Case Centre.

Once registered on their site search for Mission to Mars (A).

The description from their site

"This case is set in spring 2000,...

Curriculum and Content Program development