Space Courses


Undergraduate courses in the UK are usually 3 or 4 years long (4 or 5 in Scotland). A non-comprehensive list compiled by the UK Students for the Development of Space (UK SEDS) society is available. You can find more comprehensive information via UCAS.

Postgraduate Master’s courses

Postgraduate master's courses in the UK are usually one or two years long. There are two main types of masters courses, taught or research. A list of Master’s courses is available on the website.

Postgraduate PhD opportunities

A PhD in the UK usually takes 3 to 4 years full-time. You can find space-related PhDs in the FindaPhD website or in the PhD section of

Short courses

A variety of space short courses are run by organisations in the UK. They include:

Space for Smarter Government Programme

SSGP is committed to raising awareness of how space data and services can help the UK public sector, and it is currently identifying training opportunities within the civil service to set in place the right support foundations.
Their website contains is a  list of free and paid for training courses and/or materials. A brief overview of satellite capability for different sectors can be found here.