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The aim of these pages is to be able to find resources by type and topic, e.g.: video and audio lectures in orbits and trajectories.

A good place to look for class resources is the SUN YouTube Channel which can be accessed here. 

Class resources

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Title Description Resource type Resource topic
Virtual Tour of RAL Space Facilities Explorea 360 degree view inside RAL Space's integration and test facility, where space bound hardware is developed, assembled and tested to be ready for launch. Simulations Astronomy
Kingston University Rocket Engineering (KURE) Society YouTube Channel The Kingston University Rocket Engineering (KURE) society have set up their own YouTube channel in which they have been making tutorials made by students for fellow students (40+ tutorials of around... Video and Audio Clips Rocket Propulsion
Presentation Slides on Link Budget Calculations Presentation slides on the theory and calculations for Link Budget in Small Sat Communications. Lecture Slides Communications
MOOC on the Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery Each week this course covers a different aspect of Astronomical technology, matching each piece of technology to a highlight science result. It explains how the technology works, how it has allowed... Online Text and Notes Astronomy
Online Course: Hurricane Tracking with Satellite Data This 5-week online course explores the key concepts of data science required to process, analyse, and interpret large datasets. You’ll use tutorials and case studies to understand the possibilities... Online Text and Notes Earth Observation
The Evolving Universe MOOC This MOOC by The California Institute of Technology, covers our understanding of the physical universe and its major constituents, including planetary systems, stars, galaxies, black holes, quasars,... Curricula Astronomy
The Conquest of Space: Space Exploration and Rockets MOOC A short open course by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid describing the history of the space industry and it's impacts on society. By successfully completing this course, you will gain an ... Curricula History of Spaceflight
Nibbles in Space "Nibbles in Space" is a series of short podcasts (<< 10 min), aiming to make space more accessible. Prof Malcolm Macdonald is a professional engineer and is Chair of Applied Space Technology at... Video and Audio Clips Astronomy
Fly your Thesis Case Study video Pau Cuartielles talks through the Fly Your Thesis Case Study. Recorded at the SUN Space Teaching Workshop. Video and Audio Lectures Payloads
Astrodynamics Mission Simulation Case Study video Nigel Bannister from the University of Leicester talks through the Astrodynamics Mission Simulation Case Study. Recorded at the SUN Space Teaching Workshop.   Video and Audio Lectures Orbits and Trajectories