About Us

Our Mission and Activities

We provide resources and events to support university teaching staff of space science and engineering in the UK

Skilled graduates

Our aim is to facilitate the creation of a skilled workforce of graduates who can meet the challenges of enabling future scientific, commercial and societal exploitation of space. We focus on support for and enhancing of the activities of teaching staff involved in under and postgraduate degrees and outreach. We also liaise with the UK Space Agency and Industry to encourage a broad range of space-related internships.

Sharing Best Practice

We develop, share and pro​mote effective practice​ and innovation in the delivery of university ­level space science and engineering curricula through workshops, research, supporting professional development and networking. We also support our Institutions through best practice in course design and administrative processes as well as through engaging industry in curriculum development.

Relevant Curricula

We liaise with industry to ensure currency and relevance of curriculum and provide guidance, expertise and shared resources for space­ related projects like CubeSats and other topical areas. We organise shared CPD short courses for industry and shared summer schools at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Promoting space science and engineering

​We provide a bank of public outreach materials for schools, a database of speakers and topic experts and a recruitment portal for space courses. We will provide a presence at key opportunities and events to recruit young people to the discipline and liaise with student space societies such as SEDS to deliver outreach and training.