Guest Speakers (University and Industry)

Guest speakers can liven up a course with new content or cover a topic you are less familiar with. We are delighted to share our database of speakers who are happy to come to your university to talk on their specific topic.

We welcome new submissions so please feel free to add yourself as a guest speaker.

If you work in industry and wish to engage with students on space topics, you are also very welcome to add yourself to the database. Your email contact details will only be available to verified members of SUN - who are all University teaching staff.


Guest Speakers are listed below - full details are available to members of the Space Universities Network who are logged in to the website. If you are a new user, please register in order to view this content.

Speaker Institution Topic Availability Geographical region
Dr Susanne P. Schwenzer The Open University Mars: impact craters, Curiosity mission, noble gases, Martian meteorites Anytime South East, London
Professor Serge Plattard University College London Future Space Systems Please contact to discuss South East, London
Mr. Ian Raper University College London / MSSL Space Systems Engineering Please contact to discuss South East, London
Dr Simeon Barber The Open University Lunar volatile science, exploration, prospecting, missions and instruments Anytime West Midlands, East Midlands
Dr Helen Fraser The Open University Microgravity, Space Environments, Laboratory Astrophysics, Star and Planet Formation, Astrochemistry Sept-Jun South East, London
Dr Colin Snodgrass The Open University Comet/asteriod science and missions Anytime Scotland
Dr Armando Marino The Open University Satellite Radar Remote Sensing (SAR - focussing, speckle and filtering, polarimetry, interferometry, Anytime except June Scotland
Dr Axel Hagermann The Open University Planetary in-situ science (Huygens, Rosetta, InSight & Hayabusa) May, Dec Scotland
Professor Alison McMillan Wrexham Glyndwr University Engineering R&D Programme management; Component design and material development topics; etc Please contact by email to discuss availability South West, Wales
Dr Nigel Bannister University of Leicester From the Lobster's Eye to Alien Oceans: ESA's Mission to Jupiter Please contact to discuss availability West Midlands, East Midlands