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The SSC groundstation is used for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research projects using the equipment, computers and soldering stations. We offer any amateur satellite support where possible!...

Surrey Space Centre
Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

Hypersonic blow-down free jet wind tunnel with a run time of 7sec (Mach 4, 5 and 6) and 6” diameter circular test section.

University of Manchester
Rocket test Cell facility

Kingston University London runs a small rocket propulsion test facility, designed for practical training of undergraduates / postgraduates in assembly of propulsion systems (engines and fluid feed...

Kingston University
Shock and Impact Facility

This facility is able to simulate mechanical shock events, which are transient mechanical loading with a very short duration, from 50 μs to 20ms, high frequency content, f>1 kHz, and high...

Surrey Space Centre
Thermal Chamber

The SSC Thermal Chamber is a WIR12-30 model produced by Design Environmental installed in 2002. The chamber is a walk in scale.

Surrey Space Centre
Vacuum Chamber

 130L vacuum chamber capable of ultimate pressures ~ 5E-07mbar

University of Manchester
Vacuum Chambers

The Surrey Space Centre propulsion test facilities assigned for Electric Propulsion (EP) development consist of two large vacuum chambers (Pegasus and Daedalus) and three small chambers.

Surrey Space Centre
Vibration Test Facility

Sine sweep, Random vibrations, Shock, SRS Resonance search to simulate the launch environment on small satellites structure and their equipment.

Vibration Controller

Surrey Space Centre