Space Teaching Practice Workshop 2019

Monday, 8 July, 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop in London in July. The report from the workshop is here.

You can now see the talks from the workshop on our YouTube channel.


We were delighted to host the 2019 Space Teaching Practice Workshop at the IOP in London on Monday July 8th 2019.

The Space Universities Network (SUN) in partnership with the Higher Education Group of the IOP invited academics involved anyone interested in university-level teaching of space topics to the workshop

Spacecraft engineering and space science are areas that attract highly motivated students who seek employment in the rapidly evolving space sector. A challenge for educators is to deliver engaging and authentic learning that develops the skills and knowledge needed by the sector. This workshop will explore and share examples of good practice and provide an opportunity to network with academics staff in engineering, physics and earth observation seeking to enhance teaching in space topics.

We were joined by Jason Maroothynaden to explore the opportunities with the ESA_Lab@ Initiative that was established with the aim of intensifying collaboration between the Agency and academia higher education institutions. T

10:30 Networking and coffee
10:55 SUN introduction – Ian Raper
11.10 IOP introduction -
11:20 Astrodynamics Mission Simulation Case Study - Nigel Bannister (Leicester)
11:35 Fly Your Thesis Joan - Pau Cuartielles (Cranfield)
11:50 Mars Rover Simulation - Mark Jones (OU)
12.05 Launchpad – Your 2 minute pitches for teaching ideas
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Case Study workshop group discussions
14:30 ESA_Lab@s Jason Maroothynaden (ESA)
15:00 Networking

Watch the videos of the presentations from the day here.