Meetings and Events

This SUN Webinar is comprised of a 20 minute talk by Dr Nigel Wright, an interview with him and a live Q&A from the audience. His talk will briefly discuss the significance of comets as objects... More info
The Symposium on Space Educational Activities (SSEA) provides an international stage for students and academics to discuss current and future Space Educational Activities in Europe and beyond,... More info
Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop in London in July. The report from the workshop is here. You can now see the talks from the workshop on our YouTube channel.   We were delighted to host... More info
Globally the space industry is undergoing a revolution (“New Space”) with new technologies enabling new business models, and a transition from being overwhelmingly publicly funded to private, and... More info
Queen Mary University London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS The EPIC Lecture Series is designed to satisfy the educational and outreach ambitions of the EPIC project to improve the innovative... More info